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Using A Business Credit Checking Company – 5 Benefits
In a perfect world, one would be able to deliver goods or services and get cash payment in full. Unfortunately, this is the real world and you’ll have to extend credit to some, if not most, of your customers. But credit is tricky. Refuse to sell on credit and you risk losing a lot of […]
The Up’s and Down’s of the Construction Industry
Recent media articles have highlighted the demise of two more significant Construction companies and building projects. Point to Point Holdings Ltd (although now conveniently known as HPTP (2014) Ltd) based in Auckland, actually closed it’s doors in January, although details of the pain caused are only now emerging (see NZ Herald article 2/5/17). More on […]
Construction Market Review / Outlook – Interview with Alan Johnston, April 2017
Alan Johnston of CreditWorks talks about construction industry debt in 2017. What are the main influencers of construction industry debt? Hardware / construction industry debt levels are based on two main factors: Volume of sales made on credit, and; Regularity of payment for those sales. while patterns of payment (payment profiles) (DSO) tend to be […]
How Builders and Subcontractors Can Minimise Risk
With reference to Anne Gibson’s’ article in the NZ Herald (April 3: ) titled “’Most Dangerous Time’ in Construction Cycle: Warning”, the article contains a summary section titled “How Builders and subcontractors can minimise risk.” I find this section quite interesting and pertinent, although the source (Staples Rodway) do overlook one of the most important […]
Business Credit Scores; What Do They Mean to You?
What is a business credit score? How are business credit scores measured? What are the benefits of a good credit score? Managing your business credit score Tips For Improving Your Business Credit Score What is a business credit score? Businesses, similar to individuals, are also issued credit scores and this applies to corporate, large businesses […]
Credit Scoring – Where are all the Unicorns?
Rob Stock’s article in Stuff (06/03/2017: raised some interesting points regarding the impact of Positive data reporting on Credit Scores – in particular the rarity of Credit Unicorns when it comes to credit scoring. For those who didn’t see the article, it refers to those rare personnel (the Credit Unicorn) who have a credit […]
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