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Debt Hibernation Feature

CreditWorks Notifications feature now includes a Debt Hibernation option.

If you have given your customer a debt hibernation during this difficult post-Covid19 time, please be sure to register it on our system, so other clients can take this in to account when making credit assessments on the customer. Please go to the Tools/Notifications option on the menu bar to complete the notification.

Please remember to notify also, when the Debt Hibernation ceases.

Debtor Risk Details Report

Following on from last weeks exciting release of the Debtor Risk Spread Report (see item below) many of you have asked the question; “How can I tell which of my debtors are in each band?” In other words, who are the customers that pose the most risk to me? In answer to this question, we have just released the latest addition to our portfolio of reports – the Debtor Risk Details report. Just go to the Reports section on the menu bar when you log in, and you will see this on the side bar.

Or better still! Go in to the Debtor Risk Spread Report (located in the same place) and once you have identified the bands you would like expanded upon, you will find a link under the second graph to this report.

Please note: this new report has extensive detail about the customer, including intellectual property such as the customers individual score, therefore there is a cost attached. The detail around this is on the page.

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