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New PPSR Services: Bulk Amendments and Bulk Discharges
There has recently been a focus on getting NZBN information into PPSR Financing Statements.  We’ve noticed many of our clients have taken this opportunity to review their Financing Statement portfolios and get some housekeeping done.  Some clients have discharged many old Financing Statements they no longer need, others have updated Collateral details across the board. […]
Announcing PPSR+
Offset all these petrol price increases with a price reduction for a change! CreditWorks are excited to announce the arrival of our modern, new, super-efficient, and user friendly PPSR portal – PPSR+ Less “clicks”, greater transparency, and easy bulk registration uploads and renewals, is just the start of the many features of this exciting new […]
Business Credit Reporting – The Fix for Bad Debts
Why business credit reporting is so important. Most businesses extend credit to existing customers in order to retain them and to attract new clients, so credit plays an important part in any business. Business credit reporting is a system that collects debtor data and makes it available to businesses to enable informed decision making. In […]
Using A Business Credit Checking Company – 5 Benefits
Why use a business credit checking company? Running a business takes time and money so why lose money due to bad business credit? If you invest in a credit checking company, they will save you both time and money. Read about the 5 benefits of why it’s good to use a business credit checking company. […]
5 Tips For Improving Your Business Credit Score
Need fast tips on how to improve your business credit score? Pay your bills on time and keep your personal finances in order. These are just some of the things that you should be doing to obtain straight A’s on your business credit score. Take a look at our top 5 tips for improving your […]
Credit Check Your Business Customers to Improve Cash Flow
By performing a credit check on your customers, you will get an insight into their financial situation and their past payment behaviors. By not doing research to know exactly who you are working with, you could fail to identify crucial information that could indicate late payment or worse – no payment at all. That’s why […]
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