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Turnover isn’t Everything, But It’s Important!
Congrat’s to Peter Cox, ‘Money Matters’ contributor, on his article in the September 2016 edition of the New Zealand Hardware Journal entitled Turnover Isn’t Everything. From  a long-standing Credit Manager’s point of view – never a truer word has been spoken. The message in the article is one that most Credit Managers have been […]
Canterbury’s “Bloody Problem”: Massive Growth in the Number of Liquidations of Building Firms
Canterbury’s “bloody problem”. No, not a major car crash, or the Crusaders reflection on their Super Rugby campaign, rather a reference to the massive growth in the number of liquidations of building firms in Canterbury. In the article (August 29 ) reference is made to the 160 odd building companies that have failed since Jan […]
3 Things to Consider Before Establishing Credit for Your Business
Wikipedia defines an asset as a resource controlled by an entity as a result of past events and from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity. (Source: Simply stated, it’s a value of ownership that’s convertible to cash. You don’t hear much about business credit being an asset, but it […]
Are you using the Terralink Property Reporting function in CRISworks to help you?
We have received some very positive feedback on the Terralink Property Reporting function since it was introduced via CRISworks last year. CRISworks users are finding the Terralink Property Reporting function very helpful. Several instances have been reported where properties have been located in the ownership of errant debtors, belonging to people who had previously claimed […]
Half Of Liquidations Not Reported
Keeping an eye on your business customers credit behaviour in the marketplace should be a “no-brainer” for any Credit Manager. And one of the most important tools in that toolbox is early knowledge of the insolvency of your customer. However did you know that of the 4000 odd liquidations which occurred in 2015, only 2147 […]
Are you watching out for the signs of company failure?
There are a number of causes of company failure to watch out for. Do you know what steps you can take to protect yourself against being exposed to companies that may be on the brink of failure? It is important to know the signs of company failure and how to take steps to protect yourself […]
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